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[09.14.07 at 5:02pm]

Um. I have another problem. D:

I went and hit level 99 on my sage. I got her last 30% in Rachel Sanctuary; three times while fighting Vanberks and Isillas, I got an error and crashed. I didn't find out why until I looked in my equipment inventory later and briefly saw three unappraised headgear icons, and promptly crashed again.

This is a problem; I can go transcend now, but I wouldn't be able to use any equipment.

So, uhh. How may I fix this? >:

(And I apologize if this isn't the right place to ask!)
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Well.... [04.22.07 at 11:14pm]

Apparently iRO is getting Rachel and the Ice Dungeon this Tuesday on Sakray, so I will once again have some work to do on getting those maps enabled for all of you guys and gals to play on.

According to their site, there is supposed to be a new slotting system in place as well, so I will have to look into that as well and try to get that fixed up for you all.

Until Tuesday, keep having fun on the server!!!

Kari Out.
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Update #2 [03.19.07 at 2:50am]

I have finished the rebuild of the eiRO server and may I say that it was an overall success. I managed to get back all of the maps that did not work, plus I was able to update it fully to iRO standards. Now we have the Ninja and Gunslinger classes as well as the new town, dungeons, monsters, items, etc.

*Note that I spent 6 straight hours rebuilding it, so there may still be some kinks left in the server, but I will try to work those out as they show themselves.



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Server Status Update [03.15.07 at 10:54pm]

Update on eiRO. It is currently up again at the moment as the rebuild has been delayed. My power supply has half died on me which is enabling me to not be able to use any kind of cd-rom drive, dvd-rom drive, etc. In fact, with it only half working, I have no clue how much longer it is going to last.

The good news is that I have a spare computer case that I just bought a couple months ago, so I am going to try to put that power supply into my current one and see if that works. I would love to just switch the motherboard and everything else over to the new case, but unfortunately I can't do that. The motherboard is a full ATX size motherboard and the case I have just sitting around can only take a Micro ATX motherboard (meaning the motherboard is too big for that case).

So, if you would like to play eiRO, please continue doing so and I will (once again) let you know when it is coming down for the rebuild.

The server seems to be doing much better now that most of the players on it have figured out that they can use @autotrade (I think that is the command) so that they can continue to vend their items even when they are not on eiRO or have their computer turned off.

So grab some friends and come on over.

Kari Out.


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Poll [02.28.07 at 8:21pm]

Got a poll up on the forums that I would like to get as many people to participate in. It is a vital question regarding the server.

Also, as soon as I can purchase a new cd-rom drive and hard drive, I will be rebuilding the server so that people can play as the new classes and experience the new stuff.

For the users that already have accounts and characters, you do not have to worry about losing them as I will have the backup that I can restore from and you can pick up where you left off from and journey ahead with the new stuff.

A firm date of when this will happen will come as I can purchase the afformentioned items.

Thank You,

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